Greek Hospitality in the heart of the city

From the moment you step through our doors you feel like you’ve been transported to a villa in Greece. You are surrounded by an authentic cozy Greek – Mediterranean atmosphere.

Greek hospitality has an ancient history: one that is inextricably linked with friendship, food and libations. At Archontiko you’ll find a thriving, contemporary take on this tradition of the warm Greek hospitality. We are well known for our personalized attention and for making each guest feel at home.

Our hospitality begins at the door as you are welcomed into the light and airy space by a staff trained in the fine art of personalized attention.

Executive Chef

Is Markos Baladimas, combines classical Hellenic food preparation method with Mediterranean twists to create a dining experience guaranteed to please. In the best version of the Greek tradition, we obtain the freshest possible seafood, with a particular focus on sustainability.

The lavraki (bronzino), fagri (pink snapper), barbounia (red mullet) and the tsipoura (dorado) come from Greece, the salmon from Scotland, the octopus from Spain and the lobster from Maine.

Greek flavors are honored and elevated in preparation and execution making dishes you’ll remember long after your meal.


Born and raised in Athens, yet he spent most of his childhood holidays at Ioannina. As young boy he was influenced by the frequent large family feasts, seasonal produce fresh from the local farms of Athens and Ioannina and, of course, his mother’s and grandmother’s cooking. In fact, it was at their side that he began his lifelong apprenticeship to fully understand the simplicity and complexity of Greek cuisine, which was his starting point in his culinary journey.

Since then he has traveled extensively and has had the opportunity to study and work in Greece, France, England, Italy, Canada and multiple locations across the US. His inspiration is drawn from the ingredients and he always aims to create memorable culinary experiences for his audience. He is an award-winning, Certified Executive Chef and a member of the American Culinary Federation, who was worked for many celebrities, presidents, ambassadors, Prime ministers throughout his career.